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We specialize in international branding, marketing, and trademarks. Building and legalization of an international brand is a very complex process and takes a lot of time, financial commitment, and risks with no guarantee of success. We will guide and support you through that process to optimize and guarantee success.

Our roadmap for building a strong international brand for you.

1. Brand

2. products

3. certification

4. distribution




We support your business on a solid foundation of market research, analysis, strategic direction and expertise management by our experts for strategic positioning and brand development in the long term. This is where you differentiate yourself from competitors in the market by gaining a competitive advantage from the start.

Telling and sharing stories is the key to our civilization. Storytelling is great for stretching the imagination and perception. It’s key for any given end-consumer, regardless of any industry, to offer them a memorable message. At BLV, we put our clients at the center of attention to get down to the core of the story they desire to tell the public about their brainchild. We help construct the heart and soul of the brand. Reveal the complete picture of what you are, what makes you unique, the motivation for starting your business, and why you get up and do what you do every day, why customers should care, and why they should trust you.

A brand identity is the visual representation of the values and “personality” of your brand. Identity design essentially sets the tone of your brand and evokes specific feelings in your audience. Moreover, developing a brand identity allows you to create a consistent message across all marketing materials, while differentiating your business from the competition and appropriately positioning your brand. BLV helps you to develop a professional, creative identity design that can make you stand out among potential customers in the market.

At BLV, we offer a thorough style guide that puts rules in place and keeps your brand identity consistent and recognizable. With brand guidelines in place, you can ensure your brand’s elements are used effectively and look professional at any time.

No matter if you are only starting a business or have been around the block a few times, having a company profile is of utmost importance. Similarly to a Curriculum Vitae, which provides a brief account of a person’s education, qualifications, and previous occupations, your company profile informs the reader about your company’s history, resources, service offerings, expertise, location, and, most importantly, the correct perception of your business.

In the digital world, a website is crucial for any business. If your business does not have a website, you will probably lose plenty of opportunities. Having a website and an online presence strategy allows you to market your business online. And we are here to help you reach your market segments, expand your digital footprint and seize opportunities globally.

We pride ourselves in penetrating into international markets with cutting-edge marketing strategies that grant excellent B2B and B2C conversion in various industries and market segments.




The expert team at BLV comes in to perform our critical research on your products in order to provide your manufacturers with a quality management system to perfect
the product. The analysis ensures that the product is market ready, reaches the intended target market standards and achieves the desired results.

It is clear that market research is vital when developing your marketing strategy. It provides great insights into your business and into the wider marketplace. Our market research analysts will help you identify how customers and potential customers might view your business and products. This is powerful information

to have when completing your marketing strategy. Having good market intelligence helps to minimize risks when making key business decisions.

No matter how good a product is, poor packaging design can keep it from selling. There are elements to creating a good product design:

• Good function, unique design, easy secure storage for distribution, informative and creative, capable of attracting attention

• The BLV team is here to fully assist you in achieving your desired appearance with our modern and cutting-edge techniques.

Product labels are important because they have the potential to increase market demand for all products while also increasing brand visibility, royalty, and love.

We adhere to your product’s packaging and labeling with the respective country’s regulatory bodies, drawing on our experience in many markets, including the EU and the US.




It is always hard when you start looking to expand your company’s horizons into the global market. No matter what the landscape is, the BLV team is here to walk you through the tangled minefield of bureaucracy and paperwork.

With an international network of inspection agencies and partners in major markets around the world, BLV is able to simplify and take care of the process easily.

We are proud to give our German quality standard label to your products, which have been aligned with market compliance.

Deemed as two of the most sought-after and desirable markets, it’s a dream for every business to have their products lining up on shelves across Europe and the US.

BLV was built to spread the highest German standards in the world. We apply those standards to your company and your products, ensuring your entry into the world’s two largest markets.

"Big thanks to BLV, they have been with us from the beginning. They build our brand from scratch, starting with the brand packet, our websites, company profile, packaging design to labelling. After all that, they manage to get all the required certification for our products for export. On top of that, they also found us clients and brought us more than 20.000.000 USD in revenue. We are very very grateful for the work of Berlin Love Vietnam"
Nguyen Khoa Truong
CEO - Thai An Investment Infrastructure Joint Stock Company
127A Bùi Thị Xuân, Quận Hai Bà Trưng, ​​Hà Nội, Việt Nam
Business License: 0108204739
"I am very thankful for the job of Berlin Love Vietnam. Thanks to BLV, we are able to deal with the Vietnamese Laws and government institutions to set up production in Vietnam for our products. The production is running and we are very happy about the whole process. We saved a lot of time, nerves, and money thanks to BLV's efforts."
Frank Zielkowski
CEO - Blokk Ltd.
60 Amery Street, 1707 Sliema, Malta
Business License: C76924
"We are happy to cooperate with BLV and bring new, more sustainable products to the world market. It's just a lot of fun to work with BLV on new ideas and create innovations."
To Thuy Anh
66/16/36 House 1 Ngoc Thuy, Long Bien, Hanoi
Business license: 0108701586
"Doing business in Asia and specifically Vietnam is complicated. There are plenty of differences between business culture and legal regulations, but BLV helped us a lot and navigated us through all the problems we had to face. "
Phil Coleman 
Easton Street, St Johns Court High Wycombe, HP 11 1JX, United Kingdom.
Business License: 11684130

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