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We re-brand high-quality products sourced from Asia so they can enter the global markets, in accordance with the aesthetic demands of the Western market. We are giving our producers and products a brand story that is more sustainable for a long-term business. We’re helping businesses to navigate through the international market by bypassing all barriers. Once becoming partners, we are not bound by stereotypical globalization strategy. Instead, we take the utmost advantage of the characteristics of our clients and locale.

Since 2018, we have established multiple successes for our clients through the unique BLV-Connect program. Our program uplifts their brand and products, keeps track of customer insights and initiates a secure B2B marketplace with 360-degree assistance. We do not only connect domestic producers to potential international buyers, but also guiding them through a thorough rebranding and marketing solution so they can position themselves better on a global scale.

The ultimate goal is to build a network of sustainable and environmentally friendly brands with low operating costs in Asia for the global market.




Berlin Love Vietnam (“BLV”) seeks to develop a long-term technological bridge between traditional business models and data-driven marketing strategies, creating a win-win business model for Vietnam to improve its economic power.




We build international brands.

We re-brand high-quality products sourced from Asia so they can enter the global markets, in accordance with the aesthetic demands of the Western market.

We transform low-wage product manufacturers into internationally operating brand owners.

We help local manufacturing businesses kick open the door to the international market.

Core Values

Core Values

Core Values

The most important part of BLV’s business model is based on sustainability and is driven by environmental protection. We care for Mother Nature, people and want to archive results through innovation.


We are proud of always thinking about what is best for our clients: offering solutions that are not only theoretical, but also legitimate and proven efficient.

We have received a lot of endorsements and entered into partnerships with a variety of government institutions, universities, international law firms, and third-party inspection agencies as a result of the high quality of our work.

We share a corporate culture of mutually respecting individual abilities, in turn, helping one another to grow. Our growth is our clients’ growth.

In working as a team that includes our clients, we also share a common goal with our clients and take full advantage of each other’s wisdom and experience.

We know how to proceed with our business, absorbing all the best practices in the world as our own, while respecting the locally prevailing value systems.

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“After working for several successful businesses in Germany, I’ve decided to return to Vietnam to see if I can change the way people understand business here. I wanted to use my knowledge in order to change the business community in Vietnam for the better. If people like me, educated abroad, and with international experience, won’t rise up to the challenge, then who else will?”

Dschung Nguyen
 Executive Chairman
E-Mail: ick@dschung.berlin

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KKN & Partner is an Investment Company base in Berlin with the focus on up-coming Startups and Business Ideas.

I returned to Vietnam after owning several successful businesses in Germany. I wanted to use my knowledge to help the Vietnamese business community and to raise people’s awareness of international business. 

“If people like me, educated abroad, with international experience, won’t rise to the challenge, then who else will?”

Berlin Love Vietnam is an import-export consulting firm that specializes in international branding, marketing, and trademarks. With our understanding of international law and regulations, we guide Vietnam’s enterprises through the process of penetrating into the global markets.

We help Vietnam’s enterprises broaden their horizons beyond traditional handshake deals and turn them into long-term, sustainable corporate ventures. We transform Vietnamese low-wage product manufacturers into internationally operating brand owners.

Since 2018, we have kept expanding our cooperation network globally to develop our commercial business around the world.

The criteria we focus on when it comes to sustainable and environmentally friendly products made in Southeast Asia are improving the international brand’s appearance, quality control of the production, and aligning interests through product profit margin enhancement. We appreciate consistent and long-term cooperation as it is the key to sustainable development.

Meanwhile, our independent sub-brands: BiobioStraws, BambooVision, and Bleaf, have witnessed and achieved several successes in the international market, by exporting to the EU, and partnering with international conglomerates (LOTTE, Highlands Coffee, etc.).

Dschung Nguyen, Executive Chairman.