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We pride ourselves as one of the pioneers in Asia in offering thorough and innovative strategies towards the import-export success of corporations around the world.

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Knowing that business owners often run upon challenging hurdles in the process of selling their goods overseas, BLV-Connect is here to pave your way for a smoother ride. Our team of experienced consultants solves these problems with an innovative approach to bring your brand and products to the global market.

Our BLV-CONNECT PARTNER PROGRAM included an investment of 25.000$ program into the branding of your company and product. 

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Partnership & Alliances

Deep Knowledge Analytics (DKA), a research and analytics organization based in the UK, one of the leading think tanks in the spheres of DeepTech, HealthTech, AI, Longevity, FinTech, and risk/safety assessments. 
We are one of the first 150 partners of Amazon Associates Program in Vietnam since 2018 with access to every Amazon market place worldwide.
Since 2018 we are cooperating with the Vietnam National University of Agriculture for farming and product development with the goal of a more sustainable environmental friendly future.

About BLV

As one of the fastest-growing consulting firms in Asia, we provide import-export consultancy to start-ups and new businesses globally in an innovative environment with an international approach. Support our partners every step of the way and grant them access to the global market hassle-free.