Certification / Legalization services


We help you with the LEGAL PROCESS to export your products.

We help you to obtain ALL DOCUMENTS & STANDARDS to import your products.

We are specialized in DISTRIBUTION to the US, EU and Vietnam markets.

To set up a successful business in global markets, you must overcome many obstacles, such as locating a reliable manufacturer, dealing with international payments, establishing a production and quality control process, obtaining all necessary paperwork for your products, dealing with overseas shipments, creating creating a distribution process, and finally dealing with international taxation.

IMPORT-EXPORT consulting

The paperwork for global trading must be divided into three categories.


Most businesses that have never dealt with importing or exporting products from other countries have little experience dealing with potential problems that may arise. They often fall into the trap of purchasing goods with EXW Incoterms, only to be surprised when their shipments are held at the port and are unable to leave the country.

Because each country has its own regulations that we must adhere to, the documentation required differs by product type and export destination. We help make this process run more smoothly.

Here are some examples of common documents

  • Export License
  • Export Declaration/ Customs Clearance
  • Destination Control Statement  
  • Certificate Free for Sales
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Phytosanitary Certificate
  • Certificate of Fumigation

Certifications and standards

We were built to bring the highest German standards to the rest of the world. We proudly apply our Germany quality standard badge to your products, which will have been tested and certified to meet market requirements. These criteria are then also applied to your business and products, securing and ensuring your access into the world’s two largest marketplaces.

We are proud to give our German quality standard label to your products, that have market compliance. 

1. the PRODUCT

The expert team at BLV comes in to perform our critical research on your products in order to provide your manufacturers with a quality management system to perfect
the product. The analysis ensures that the product is market ready, reaches the intended target market standards and achieves the desired results.

It is clear that market research is vital when developing your marketing strategy. It provides great insights into your business and into the wider marketplace. Our market research analysts will help you identify how customers and potential customers might view your business and products. This is powerful information

to have when completing your marketing strategy. Having good market intelligence helps to minimize risks when making key business decisions.

No matter how good a product is, poor packaging design can keep it from selling. There are elements to creating a good product design:

• Good function, unique design, easy secure storage for distribution, informative and creative, capable of attracting attention

• The BLV team is here to fully assist you in achieving your desired appearance with our modern and cutting-edge techniques.

Product labels are important because they have the potential to increase market demand for all products while also increasing brand visibility, royalty, and love.

We adhere to your product’s packaging and labeling with the respective country’s regulatory bodies, drawing on our experience in many markets, including the EU and the US.

2. the paperwork

It is always hard when you start looking to expand your company’s horizons into the global market. No matter what the landscape is, the BLV team is here to walk you through the tangled minefield of bureaucracy and paperwork.

With an international network of inspection agencies and partners in major markets around the world, BLV is able to simplify and take care of the process easily.

We are proud to give our German quality standard label to your products, which have been aligned with market compliance.

Deemed as two of the most sought-after and desirable markets, it’s a dream for every business to have their products lining up on shelves across Europe and the US.

BLV was built to spread the highest German standards in the world. We apply those standards to your company and your products, ensuring your entry into the world’s two largest markets.


ACCORDING TO GERMAN QUALITY & STANDARDS seal is self-explanatory. We provide our seal to BLV CONNECT PARTNER PROGRAM Members whose products are compatible with German market regulations. These items are manufactured in accordance with international quality control standards and already have all of the necessary standards and certificates for import and distribution in Germany.

To award your firm and goods our mark of approval, we must believe in them.

To assure our high quality standards, we will conduct testing, quality control, and occasionally third-party testing.

We will not charge you at first since we consider it as an investment and want to promote and increase the sales of your goods.

If your annual sales exceed 10,000 units, we will impose a set fee of $300.00 per year. 

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As one of the leading firms in the SEA region for branding and marketing for import/export, we have vast experience with the certification process. We can help your factory and products obtain the necessary certification and international standards so that they can be distributed on the worldwide market. 

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Importing/exporting and selling your goods requires a significant amount of documents. We make it easy for you to obtain the relevant paperwork.

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